• Accent Interior: HA5
    Entrance Verve: VER4
  • Ultimo Entrance XU20
    Ultimo Entrance: XU20

For over 20 years Hume Doors & Timber (NZ) Ltd has supplied products to the New Zealand market and remains a strongly independent and 100% privately owned company.

Our Range includes timber door, fibreglass doors and an extensive range of associate product lines.

We have operation in New Zealand, Australia an Malaysia which employ the latest manufacturing processes together with modern equipment.

These manufacturing processes have been designed to minimise waste, conserve energy and reduce our environmental footprint. At the very core of our operations is the requirement that all timber must be sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Hume Door’s reputation for offering affordable, reliable and class leading products to the end consumer is beyond reproach.

From the largest commercial builders to the home handyman, this choice is Hume.